Our expert risk-management staff guides clients on how to manage security for timberland operations

Tom Kazee, Senior Director of Operations

Since 1981, Tom has worked in forestry operations. He’s known in the industry as “the timber security guy” for his work on behalf of Champion International Corporation’s southern timberland projects. Since 2000, he’s been self-employed as an independent auditor of woodland operations, where he provides timely and specific feedback to foresters and forest managers regarding the need for quality of internal controls and recommendations for enhanced security to protect forest assets. 

Sam Kazee, Director of Field Work

Sam directs fieldwork with forestry and former law enforcement professionals in the US South as well as in the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, and in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. He interacts with clients and GIS to systematically audit remote operations. Sam helped develop surveillance technology in cooperation with industry leaders and has worked with investigators on theft, arson, trespassing, and vandalism.