Our advanced electronic surveillance and risk-awareness training for forestry services are designed to prevent theft and fraud

Specialized services we provide are electronic surveillance, auditing, and training for client’s employees. 

Electronic Surveillance 

We believe that most loggers, foremen, truck drivers, and timber buyers are honest.  But exceptions can be impossible to predict. 

Load tracking systems (electronic or paper based) are terrifically important but can be circumvented.  

We conduct surveillance on dump sites, locations where vandalism and trespass are problems, and where theft of property occurs.  We have helped investigators with serial woods arson. 


Auditing proves or refutes the accuracy of records maintained by logging crews by comparing video data with load tracking records. We consistently provide straightforward reporting of excellent management or errors and omissions. 

We conduct on-site inspections during normal working hours. 


Raising risk awareness among foresters, administrators, and supervisors is critically important in the prevention of financial crimes.  We help with this in two ways:

1) Through informal interactions at logging decks, district offices and any location where we can interact with client employees and their contractors
2) Through training sessions. These are usually 90-120 minutes in duration and cover common themes:

a. Fundamental concepts related to financial crimes
b. Case studies of financial crimes in woodland operations
c. Preventing theft and fraud in timber sales and harvesting
d. Preventing theft and fraud in other woodland operations
e. Personal safety when financial crimes occur.